Posted by: seserdr1975 | September 17, 2013

Just keep moving forward

Morning all,

So I called a local Dr to begin reviewing my current condition, and no call back. Her loss. Today I’ll be calling other Dr’s and hopefully a call back will be coming. Not as sore today, actually feel pretty good…for a Tuesday!

So there I was being rushed to Lutheran General Hospital…my Grandpa was freezing his ass off  and all my parents had was uncertainty. I’d be hooked up, wired up, tubed up…you name it. The one thing that was for certain was that I wasn’t ready to come out…physically at least. I had frosted hair, because it hadn’t “chosen” a color yet. I was an average sized baby with half the sized lungs. So being a chain smoking baby was out. I can only imagine the fear/concern my family had, and he urgency the Drs and nursers must have had as they saw this tiny guy being rushed into the NICU.  Sue, I’m sure thought…. “Ah s*hit.”

To get where I am today, I had to move forward and fight. The fight had to start somewhere and what better place then with a medical team at the top of their profession that used what was then cutting edge tech to keep me alive.


Let’s face it. Everyone has setbacks, disappointments, anger, grief or whatever when it comes to the physical challenges we work with. But you keep moving forward. Set a goal and accomplish it. If you fail, learn what mistakes were made and try again or try a new goal…but keep moving forward. As Stallone said in Rocky Balboa, “That’s how winning is done.” Never be satisfied.


Hey Parents, I came across this site yesterday and was very impressed. This organization celebrates our differences and offers great tools.





  1. Actually, it was more like “damn this baby is huge for 32 weeks–“. While some think bigger is better, not always so in preemie land. You were also active and when you needed help from a ventilator to maintain adequate oxygenation you also had to have your hands restrained because you kept trying to extubate yourself….you really hated that….this resulted in our first glimpse of your fight/temper. Fighting the vent resulted in not 1 but 2 chest tubes.

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