Posted by: seserdr1975 | September 18, 2013

Taking steps…

Happy Wednesday all…so no call back from Dr #1 and I’m supposed to hear from Dr #2 today. Cross fingers and toes.

This morning Sue talked a bit about my first few days and I wanted to share:

“Actually, it was more like “damn this baby is huge for 32 weeks–”. While some think bigger is better, not always so in preemie land.  You were also active and when you needed help from a ventilator to maintain adequate oxygenation you also had to have your hands restrained because you kept trying to extubate yourself….you really hated that….this resulted in our first glimpse of your fight/temper.  Fighting the vent resulted in not 1 but 2 chest tubes.”

I guess I was always a bit of a fighter, and impatient. Being a fighter and impatient I think is critical for all those families affected by CP, although at this point, no one knew that would be the end result. Having an advocate, whether its a parent, sibling,friend or spouse, nothing is handed to you. You and your advocates have resources out there.

You have foot drop like I do? Check this out:


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