Posted by: seserdr1975 | September 21, 2013

Never Giving Up Leads to Happiness

Evening everyone. Busy day for a Friday.

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” ~Winston Churchill

I think it’s safe to say that everyone affected by CP has at one point or another felt like they going through hell. The frustration of the physical affecting the emotional. The desire to lash out, or scream or point fingers and just keep going.

As a young adult I found it hard at times to find a girl who would accept me, or in my eyes, I thought that would be accepting to me. My first real serious relationship was with a great girl. At the time I had no idea on how to show how much I cared for her, and it didn’t last. Of course I blamed, more sub-conscientiously, my physical issues, but at that was a crutch. But I didn’t give up. Eventually in my twenties I found a woman who I fell in love with and married in 2001. As time went on, we just weren’t right for each other and at the end of 4 years we divorced.

I went though, what I would say was a self-destructive phase. I never had any intention of ever getting married again. Around the same time, my Grandma passed away and then my 44 year old cousin and then my Grandpa all within a year of each other. So I just became depressed and not willing to expose myself to more heartache by seeking out relationships. Through all of this, I in part blamed again the CP. It was an excuse and a crutch. I was content being alone and putting on the brave face in front of the family that I did all through out my childhood. But…I didn’t  give up. As time wore on the pain lessened and I began to recognize that I had a lot to offer anyone. So I went on J-Date. I figured why not. At the least I could meet people and if anything came of the relationships well that would work too! =)

Then in July 2009, I got a message from a “MellieMel”. We chatted online…and then a bit more and then we talked. Now I had no idea at all how to tell her about my CP. I haven’t been comfortable ever talking about it, so I let her do most of the talking. Eventually she says to me “I have this thing…”. I’m like ok, a thing??? She tells me she has Epilepsy. It shocked me and through me for a loop. Here was someone who had a “thing” too that was telling me this on our first call and my guard immediately dropped. So I said, I got a thing too!! It just broke the ice so easily for us that we connected very fast. In March 2010, I married my soul mate and my Rock. Melanie has done so much for me to accept the CP and rather than it be a crutch, it has slowly but most certainly become a strength.

I know there are a lot out there frustrated and down, thinking that your CP will hold you back. It doesn’t have that kind of power over you. We all can adapt, grow stronger from each other and work though our challenges to find that happiness that either a job, a family member or that new friend that may be your soul mate can give you.


Check this article out. Now this is an advocate!!


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