Posted by: seserdr1975 | September 27, 2013

Terrible Palsy!

So growing up I used to call my CP terrible palsy. At least it was that to me. I HATED the fact my arm and leg that at times felt it wasnt even mine. Yep, when I would touch my arm and leg it was so numb at times, it didnt feel like mine. Its not that bad anymore, but…there are days. Now usually I just have bad right sided muscle tension. The upside is that I have Melanie who, in her past life, was a massage therapist. When she gets done working on me my right side feels less like a wadded up ball of foil and more like a wet noodle. Being someone with CP I guess I lucked out to have an amazing wife who loves to make me feel better.

The Drs have so far all been a bust. No calls back. Thats ok, I think the next step will be to go to my internest and get a referral to a physical therapist. That in combination with  exercise and massages, should help a lot. Dropping 50 lbs wouldnt hurt either.


Here is a tidbit from LIVESTRONG on CP activities for Adults:


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