Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 2, 2013

Higher Standards

Having CP there are always the fear of misconceptions, by some people you meet or work with  about how the CP affects me. At least that how I have felt over the years. I have found the opposite to be true in almost every case. 

I was lucky enough to able to start working at 18. My first job was at Suncoast Video at Woodfield Mall in Chicago. MAN I was nervous. It was the first time I ever put myself “out there”. No net, no Mom and Dad to be too protective. The people who I worked with and those later on in Lincolnwood, helped me establish, in my mind, a work ethic that I felt I needed to work even harder  because of the fear of how this guy with CP would be percieved.

Through all my jobs, I have tried to work with the idea that I have to have higher standards for myself, because if anyone thought less of me because of a weak arm or limp, I would have to prove myself and not leave any room for doubt on what type of worker I am.

Adults with CP have to have high standards for themselves. Whether it be with work, or healthcare. Expect, no demand, high standards for yourself and for the care you recieve. 


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