Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 9, 2013

Keep on keeping on…

So  yesterday I reached out to my doctor who I’ve seen for the last couple of years here in Texas. She is really on the spot and was helpful to get me to focus on the need to get an orthopedic evaluation before I start any therapy. In her words we don’t want to make things worse. 


So she tells me that she’ll refer me to a local orthopedist. Then she ran into the same issue I’ve had. Four seperate doctors said they don’t see adults with CP. Talk about a very serious fundamental issue. CP is a life long chronic condition. As far as I know the magic CP fairy didn’t come down when I turned 18 and cured me. 

I’d call my congressman, but they are otherwise occupied right now. The best thing I can do, is keep perservering and finding someone I can see. Melanie, my beautiful love, suggested that I reach out to one of her epilepsy contacts to see a neurologist. The key is to get a foot in the door.



  1. Did you try networking with the drs @ Columbia?

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