Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 18, 2013

The benefits of a Cat on CP

Today was rough! I think I slept like a pretzel. When I got up like every muscle on my right side felt like it had done a marathon. After a HOT shower and a few anti-inflammatory drugs, I felt better and ready to take on the world. No progress on the Dr front. Next step, maybe my wifes neurologist can get her husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon.

Up until I was 26 my family and I never had any pets. When I was married for the first time, we got a cool female torti named Taffy and then a year later we got a dingbat male tabby named Beau. I never knew how they would affect (if at all) my daily grind with CP. After nearly 12 years, I can say having pets is huge help. One thing their tendency to do thier kneading thing on my right side is always a plus. The best thing is that they can be very relaxing. When you have spastic right sided hemiplegic, anything to relax the muscles is a bigger plus. If you have CP or a child with CP, I strongly encourage a pet. JUST NO BIRDS. Haha!

Today I was thrilled to be contacted by Alex Martin who told me about ViaCord ( They are treating CP with umbilical cord blood cells they collect from newborns. There is an enormous amount of very useful research information on the site. Check it out.


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