Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 21, 2013

A Dad’s Point of View

Recently, my Dad wrote about some of his thoughts and experiences going through the process of having a special needs child. I thank him for sharing this with me and all of you.

“Being a parent of a child with CP or any other handicap or in fact any limitations is daunting in many ways but at the same time you don’t spend a lot of time thinking of the big picture. Most of your time and efforts are spent dealing with what is in front of you at the given time. From birth, the high risk nursery, going home, medications, diagnosis, therapy and surgeries you deal with each thing as it comes up and move on with the hope that everything is going to be better.
We as a family have always been optimistic that Todd’s problems were more of an inconvenience than a real handicap. We realized from day one that he was a fighter and that as he got older his spirit and great personality would overcome any physical obstacles that he might have. Early on when he was at his sickest in the hospital, Dr. Mangurten told me that there was only so much medically that could be done and for some unexplained reason some kids had this incredible will to fight and survive and others just didn’t make it. We were lucky that at every step of the way when faced with crisis, Todd’s inner spirit took over and he moved forward. A vivid example of this was when Todd was about 2 years old, it was discovered that he had a hernia that required surgery. While the procedure wasn’t very long, they told us that when he would be returned to his room he would probably be sleeping or very quiet. Well Barb & I were sitting in the room waiting when we heard this screaming coming down the hall and here was Todd being rolled into the room holding onto the bars of the crib and fighting to get up. To me, that was the clearest sign of his fighting spirit and that something unexplained was taking place. Over the years, each time Dr. Krom performed a procedure on Todd that would help him walk better by loosening his heel cord or working on his right hand, we all moved forward and knew that things would be better.
To this day, neither his mother, sister or I ever really believed that his CP was obstacle that couldn’t be overcome by hard work, Todd’s great personality and spirit. To all of us he has no limitations as to what he can accomplish.

~Bob Stone”

Seeing a Baseball game

Seeing a Baseball game



  1. Beautiful Bob. Made be cry…

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