Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 23, 2013

An appointment with the future

So today thanks mom and dad, I have an appointment with a chiropractor on Tuesday. While I have only been to a chiropractor once before, I think that since its been such a challenge to find a doctor that, I don’t think I’ll be picky.

When you constantly feel like a stale pretzel, any tricks, and different ways to keep muscles loose will be great.


Interesting FYI.

According to “UpToDate” 45% of people with CP have seizures, also called epilepsy. Epilepsy without CP is challenging to manage but when you add it to the matrix of challenges associated with CP, strategizing for yourself and your child’s benefit can be daunting. As a parent of a child with CP, the feeling of uncertainty will probably be familiar territory for you, but it is even more amplified when seizures are added to the mix. I will try and be of some help to you.

What disturbs most parents and others about seizures is the lack of control and predictability associated with them. This is what shook me to my core. Seizures vary from one child to the next in duration, intensity, frequency, physical presentation, and controllability, and any one of these variables may itself change over time. Dealing with seizures can feel like a roller coaster. Luckily, recent advances in seizure prevention and treatment have made seizures less scary than they used to be.

My wife Mel has epilepsy. Having to help her manage her condition, has helped me focus on my challenges with stronger resolve and clarity. Medications, like Lamictyl and Kepra has created a door for a more even keeled life for those with Epilepsy and CP patient with Epilepsy.



  1. If it is a chiro who truly uses pt modalities this could be awesome. I have one who has kept me out if surgery for 25 years. Praying hard that this works for you.

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