Posted by: seserdr1975 | October 26, 2013

Follow that Dream

Evening blogging friends. It was fourth of July weekend in 2009 that my life changed forever. I had been living the life of bachelor for nearly four years, basically spinning wheels and in many ways directionless. I was working, hanging with friends and not really doing much for myself. I had been dating. But I wasnt into it. I had convinced myself that, after a handful of dates that went nowhere, my CP was the main contributing factor to me not advancing any relationships. I was always selfconsious of my outward appearance. It was disappointing. But then someone who never met me and just saw a picture said I had “a nice smile”. Now…of course I couldnt argue with that! 

Even though I had been gun shy, I always pictured me with the happy ending. I FIGURED WHY NOT!! If someone had issue with my CP, it was their issue not mine! Luckily for me Melanie showed me and still shows me what unconditional love from a wife is. 

I preach fighting for yourself. But its really great to have someone to take life’s rocky road with everyday. Makes the CP like nothing more than an annoying hang nail. 



  1. Melanie—-thank you for being Todd’s wife/life partner & for loving him—almost as much as his “other mom” does. He is so special s

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