Posted by: seserdr1975 | November 10, 2013

The grind continues

Happy weekend everyone. Yesterday I had another session . Today was arm day. I have been sore since the last leg session, so Kip and I agreed that the best course is to alternate arm then leg . The best way to describe my right arm is a stale old rubberband  soaked in glue! Ha. The diagnosis is severe scar tissue that has spread like tentacles. So, remember when I mentioned the handlebar deal that Kip used on leg? Well it’s got a baby brother! Grinding and tearing at my arm to try to straighten it out as well as make it more nimble. Happily it felt like a wet noodle after he was done. I’ve been doing regular stretching and it seems to be working. 

So..what’s the lesson? I know that there are kids and adults a lot worse off then me. Try using deep tissue massage and stretching by an expert to help loosen those tight muscles. This is a life long fight, and it needs to be fought on many fronts. This is just one. 


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