This is my story. Hi everyone, my name is Todd Stone, and I’m an adult who lives with Cerebral Palsy. When I was born in 1975, I guess I was an impatient kid, because I was born 2 month premature. Back in those days the NICU or New born ICU at Lutheran General Hospital in the Chicago-land area was headed by Dr. Henry Mangurten and I was lucky enough to have a nurse who refused to ever quit. After a month, I came home and began a journey that is now been going on 38 years. If there was one thing I’ve learned in those 38 years is that living with CP, is a challenge, and as you get older the support and services become less and less. I want to change that. Starting here, with this blog. I don’t know if anyone will read it, or if anyone gets anything out of it. But if I can help just one person, through sharing my experiences, then this blog will have serviced it’s purpose.



  1. I am that nurse who wouldn’t give up….and even tho Todd is almost 38 he will for always and forever be my Super Baby. Honestly, this was one sick baby. He has always been a fighter which usually is an asset but sometimes he fought the vent and that caused him a whole boat load of trouble —- as well as lots of sleepless nights for those of us who love him! More sharing to come…but this is a wonderful young man who is bravely sharing his story to help others and let you know you are not alone…

    • Thank you Sue for not giving up on this amazing man. He’s made the world a better place, and is so brave for putting his story out there.

  2. Thank you both!

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